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The Whooping Crane

Symbolizes: Peace

Whooping Cranes are monogamous and the pair bonds for life. These bonds usually form at 2-3 years old.

They are mostly white with a red crown, a black facial mask, and black tips on their wings.

They prefer marshy grasslands to breed and migrate from their nesting grounds in Wood Buffalo Nat'l Park in Canada to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge in TX each Fall, a route that's estimated to be 2,400 miles.

There are an estimated 504 individuals in the wild.

A part of the Crane's habitat includes sources of our clean drinking water and due to the Crane's protected status, they help keep these water tables pristine and free of pollution.

Power lines, poaching, and habitat loss are their biggest threats. They are also impacted by oil spills.

They are one of two crane species found in North America, the other being the Sandhill Crane.

They live to be 22-30 years in the wild.