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The Southern Mountain Caribou

Please note: This is not a Southern Mountain Caribou picture. Being a very elusive animal, good images of them are extremely rare and difficult to find.

Symbolizes: Lifeforce

They are also known as “America’s Gray Ghosts”.

They survive on arboreal lichens in Winter.

The temperate rainforests found in British Columbia and ancient forests in Northwestern states are their habitat.

These caribou also protect ancient trees known to be around 1000 years old, because of the caribou's protected status, logging corporations cannot enter their habitat. 

Mountain Caribou survived the Pleistocene Ice Age. 

Logging, roads, predators, and recreational activities which cause stress and habitat fragmentation are their biggest threats.

They are the most Southern caribou in the world and were once found in ID and WA states. 

They have huge feet to access tree lichens and to stay afloat in deep snow.

Approximately 1200 individuals exist today.

Their hollow fur insulates them during mountain winters.

To learn more: Please watch “Last Stand” on the Rainforest Caribou.