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Organizations We Support

Wild Wax Candle Company proudly supports organizations that protect endangered species and preserve wild places.

We donate 10% of total sales to the following:

About WILD Foundation:

"WILD envisions a bold future for wilderness conservation, one that is about unity, not isolation, and integrity, not exclusion. We are creating a world in which nature is safe because governments and grassroots organizations coordinate around large-scale solutions, unified in respect for each other and nature, to keep Earth wild."


About Inland Ocean Coalition:

"The Colorado Ocean Coalition is the founding chapter of the Inland Ocean Coalition, which now has 15 chapters across North America. Our vision is for citizens and communities to take an active role in improving the impacts and relationships between the the inland, the coastal, and the ocean. The Coalition’s unifying charge is to develop a two-way relationship with the ocean and water, since those who live among mountains, rivers, and inland cities have a direct impact on the cycles of life in the ocean. As the nation’s first Inland Ocean Movement, our goal is to be a wellspring for literacy and community engagement across North America."

The Colorado Ocean Coalition is a program of The Ocean Foundation, Washington, DC


Do you have a charitable organization that we should know about? E-mail us!