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Our Story

                  Sara being greeted by "Lakota" a Grey Wolf ambassador.

Wild Wax Candle Company was founded in 2020 based on generosity, a passion for lush fragrances, and a love of nature. 

Sara, the founder of Wild Wax Candle Company and chief candle maker, has been following her creative passion her entire life, starting with doodling in elementary school math to earning a B.A. at Hollins University with a concentration in Studio Art.  Creating has been a constant anchor.  The path to starting Wild Wax Candle Company is one of many curves, like a meandering river, and beautiful in its own right.  It started a few years ago from taking a candle workshop, there she learned how much fun it was to make candles, along with Sara’s penchant to spend hours smelling candles at any given store.

Sara loved the idea of creating candles with her favorite fragrances and natural waxes. This personal project soon turned into gift giving to family and friends.  Seeing the delight others had in receiving candles and sensing the peace and calm they brought, Sara realized that candles could also be a powerful means for something greater. 

Like her creative projects, the natural world has also been one of Sara’s passions. Many hours of her youth were spent outdoors and watching the “Nature” television show with her dad.  A defining moment for Sara was caring for endangered species in her high school’s teaching zoo, The Trevor Zoo in Millbrook, NY.  For two years, she was a student zookeeper responsible for learning about and looking after many animals including some endangered species.

Sara believes that candles and nature are beautiful gifts and spiritually uplifting. Rather than just feeling dismayed and overwhelmed by the worsening climate crisis and its effect on animal diversity, Sara began thinking about how to help raise funds and educate others in a creative way.  This was the early germination of the concept behind Wild Wax Candle Company.  To Sara, “Wild Wax” means “Wild Growth”.  Our candles are not only a wonderful and positive way to raise money for environmental organizations, but also promote education and awareness about endangered species, especially those that are not well known.

Wild Wax Candle Company is based in gorgeous Colorado, where Sara lives with her husband Dan and Cricket, her fluffy cat.  She loves alpine skiing, hiking, gardening, photography, and camping in her free time.

This store is in loving memory of a childhood best friend, Dr. Camille Hostetter, who adored children and animals. #stopdomesticviolence