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Here are answers to commonly asked questions.  If you have additional questions, please send it to us through our Contact Us page.

About our Eco-Packaging
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What does the term "carbon footprint" mean? "The amount of carbon dioxide emissions associated with all the activities of a person or other entity. It includes direct emissions, such as those that result from fossil fuel combustion, as well as emissions required to produce the electricity associated with goods and services consumed." Source: 

What we do to reduce our carbon footprint:

1). We re-purpose, re-use, and re-cycle and encourage our buyers to do the same.

2). We research eco-friendly supplies and manufacturers.

3). We use  kraft gift boxes - that are non-bleached and 100% recycled content. 

4). Our gift ribbons are 100% cotton and are from a small business supplier.

5). Our 2 types of gift tissue are non-bleached. The custom printed tissue is acid free, compostable, and printed with soy ink.

6). Our paper logo and warning stickers are printed with soy ink, are compostable, and have non-toxic glue.

7). We use brown paper gift bags stamped with soy ink.

8). Our packing materials are kraft paper and biodegradable peanuts. You can either reuse the peanuts or break them down with water.

9). For Summer shipping we offer optional non-toxic cooling packs that can be reused.

10). We do our best to size our shipping boxes properly. This means less cost for you, less amount of room taken during transportation, thus decreasing CO2 emissions, and less waste.

*Bonus we use a manufacturer that will plant a tree every time we order from them = Awesome!

What are your shipping rates and policies?
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We do our best to keep our shipping rates down by working with a USPS partner.  Our rates our based on Priority Cubic Mail shipping prices. 

We offer shipping options with delivery windows as  few as 1-3 days from date of shipment. 

Because we care about your order and our candles are temperature sensitive we aim to ship our products at the beginning of the business week. This way the chances of your purchase sitting in a hot truck or warehouse over a weekend is less likely, thus getting your candle to you safe and sound - YAY!

Uh -ohh! Rest assured if something arrives damaged $100.00 insurance is included with every shipment.

To remain cost effective, large orders may be broken down into 2 or more shipments.

You can view our full Shipping Policy here.

Where do you ship to?
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Hi friends!  As we are just starting up, we only ship within the U.S. at this time. Please be aware that shipping charges to Alaska and Hawaii may be higher.

We're honored that we have a lot of international support. Thank you!  We hope to offer international shipping in the future as we grow.  We appreciate your patience and  understanding.

Can I track my order?
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Yes of course! Once your order has been fulfilled, you will receive an e-mail from us with a shipping tracking number. 

Why don't you use purely essential oils to fragrance your candles?
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As a nature company, we love essential oils! However, we feel that we can offer a more diverse selection in scents with our premium fragrance oils which have natural components and essential oils infused into them. 

We also believe in balance and moderation. Essential oils are resource intensive and expensive to make. Not only this, there are only a few that can be burned safely. And finally, because of the large amount of essential oils it takes to fragrance a candle by themselves, we feel there are better ways to use them. 

Our fragrance oils are: phthalate, cruelty, prop-65 free, and are IFRA safety rated.

Why does my candle have wax on the inside walls of the container?
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You may have noticed that our candles will have some wax clinging to the insides of the container. (Even after the maximum 4 hr. burn time). With our candles you will not achieve an edge to edge melt pool. This is okay and is not considered "tunneling". This extra wax is called "hang-up" and is a natural burn characteristic of our candles. This hang-up will slowly disappear as the flame moves farther down the container and will melt as the glass heats up. 

Why is my candle smoking?
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All candles may give off a "puff" of smoke from time to time. However, if you see continuous smoking, check to make sure that your candle is not in a draft or by an open window. 

Secondly, it's important that the wick is trimmed to 1/4 inch each time before lighting. Why? Great question, first off it reduces the chance of the candle smoking, it prevents debris from falling into the melt pool and the container from getting too hot from a large flame. Most importantly, a trimmed wick ensures a nice even burn and longer candle life.

How do I clean my candle container after the candle has finished?
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Lucky you! This is super easy as coconut-soy wax is soft and biodegradable. You can heat up water on the stove and carefully soak the upright container in hot water for a few minutes. (Caution the container will be hot!) The wax should melt enough to scoop or pour out. If the wick is stuck after heating, soak with warm soapy water for a few hours and that should loosen it.

Once wax and wick are removed, clean gently with warm soapy water and terrific you now have a container to use for flowers or keepsakes! Share your ideas we'd love to see them!

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You can view our Refund Policy here.

Terms of Service
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Our Terms of Service can be accessed in the footer of each page.  If you can't wait to see them, you can view them here.