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About Our Candles



For many nature is a source of peaceful memories, connectedness, beauty and life. Something that’s worth protecting and celebrating. We would be honored to have you to join us in our cause.

Our candles are made with a renewable and sustainably sourced all-natural coconut-soy wax and premium fragrance oils infused with natural essential oils. Our wax has a soy component that is grown in the USA from soy-beans and the coconut component is harvested from trees that can provide coconuts up to 60 years. Both have socio-economic benefits as well. In addition to this our wax is fortified with soy based additives.

Aside from the environmental benefits of an all-natural wax, how is this better? Combined with our lead free cotton braided wicks, our candles burn cleaner, more slowly and evenly. Thus providing you with longer enjoyment and greater value. Less expensive candles are made from cheap paraffin (not food grade) wax and are scented with poorly made diluted fragrances and who knows what kind of wick. Some wicks have lead (although banned in the U.S.) in them. Finally, these poorly made candles put pollutants into your home, can cause head-aches and do not last as long.  

We refer to our candles as having a “gentle hot throw” and will fill a room a with a light and gorgeous aroma. They are not intended to saturate an entire house because we do not believe in loading down our candles with fragrance oils nor putting in additives to create an instant and strong hot throw. Our goal is to create a more pure candle for you.

While we love the idea and as a nature based company and why we don’t use only essential oils for scenting our candles. You see, essential oils are powerful and some are not intended to be burned. In fact, they can be harmful. Not only this, we believe in balance and moderation. It takes a good amount of essential oil to fragrance a candle without additives. They can get expensive and essential oils are resource intensive to make. We feel as valuable as essential oils are, there are better ways to use them.

The fragrance oils we use are top quality, which is why our candles smell truly amazing! They have natural and essential oil components. They are prop-65 free, cruelty fee, phthalate free, and meet IRFA safety standards.

And finally,

As tradition we light a candle every night to not only create a relaxing home but as a reminder to be grateful for and the importance of wildlife diversity. For us this bright light is a symbol of  kindness, positivity and knowing that together we can make a difference for all animals. Thank you for joining us!

Learn more about our Eco-Packaging and our efforts to reduce waste on our FAQs page!