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About Our Candles and Fragrances

Hello, we're glad you're here!

Nothing goes into our candles that we wouldn't want in our own home.  We've worked hard to make gorgeous candles by using the cleanest waxes and fragrances available. Here you'll find a very brief list of what's in our candles or if you want something more in depth, please keep reading. We encourage you to check us out and get in-depth descriptions of the fragrances we offer at the bottom of this page.

The "quick" list:

- a renewable, non-toxic and responsibly sourced coconut blend wax 

- premium fragrances that are phthalate free and infused with essential oils

- lead and zinc free wicks

- paraben, mica, and dye free

Get to know us better! Here's little more information about our ingredients:

Aside from the environmental benefits of an all-natural wax, how is this better? Our candles have a luxurious "creamy" look that burns cleaner, more slowly and evenly through the entire life of the candle.

Our wax is a coconut blend that is environmentally sustainable, thus providing you with a healthier home, more enjoyment, and greater value.

The premium fragrance oils we use are carefully hand selected and are some of the best around. They are prop-65 compliant, phthalate free, contain some essential oils, and meet IFRA safety standards (i.e. lab and expert tested).

Finally, our candles produce what we like to call a "gentle hot-throw". This puts our candles into an aromatherapy realm. They will fill a nice sized room with a beautiful scent inspired by the outdoors.

FRAGRANCE DESCRIPTIONS (in detail) Woody, Fresh, Floral and Seaonal/Limited Edition.

Woody Fragrances:

Fresh Fragrances: 

Floral Fragrances:

Seasonal and Limited Edition Fragrances: