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The North Atlantic Right Whale


Symbolizes: Love

Right Whales can live up to 70 years old.

There are two types of Right Whale: the North Atlantic and the Southern Atlantic. The north Atlantic are located on the coast of the US and Canada.

Fishing line entanglements and boat strikes are the main threat to the North Atlantic Right Whale.

The Right Whale got its name from being the "right" whale to kill due to its high fat content and ability to float after death. However, its scientific name Eubalaena Glacialis means "good" or "true whale of ice".

Whales as a whole play a huge part of carbon sequestration and can be four times more efficient than the Amazon rainforest.

The rough patches on their heads are known as callosities and their patterns are unique to each individual. These patches are also homes to parasitic shrimp that turn the callosities white.

They become sexually mature at ten years and their calves weigh approximately 2,000 pounds at birth.

They can remain underwater up to 40 minutes.

Approximately 370 remain in the wild with about 70 sexually mature females.