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The Flores Scops Owl

Unfortunately, there are no quality videos that best represent this beautiful petite owl. 

Symbolizes: Wisdom

The family of Scops Owls comprises 45 or more living species with new discoveries every few years.

The island of Flores, Indonesia is their home and they are only known in two limited mountainous locations.

They are a very small owl with a body length of 7.3-8.6 inches and a wing length of 5.25-6.6 inches.

Severe habitat loss from forest destruction and human encroachment is their main threat.

Because of their small size, Scopes owls are easy prey. To protect themselves, in addition to camouflage, they will lengthen their bodies and sway like a tree branch.

Insects, small rodents, and lizards are their main diet.

They are endangered with 250-2500 individuals remaining.