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Showcase Southern Mountain Caribou Candle $38.00

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About the Southern Mountain Caribou

The Caribou is a symbol of lifeforce, endurance, travel, and regeneration. 

Critically Endangered

Number of individuals remaining: Less than 1200

Current population trend: Unknown

Learn more about the Southern Mountain Caribou 

Please note: This is not a Southern Mountain Caribou picture. Being a very elusive animal, good images of them are extremely rare and difficult to find.


About the Fragrance

Fragrance's strength and profile can be found in thumbnail pictures.


About the Candle


*NEW "MORE" ECO DESIGN! You will receive an animal fact QR code (on dust cover) instead of cards with purchase. 

Color on label represents the featured animal either by appearance or environment.

Generous size of 11.0 ounces (311.8g)

Enjoy a burn time of approx. 60+ hours (Burn times may vary)

Modern ceramic container is approximately 3.5 in. diameter, 4 in. high

Wrapped in a lovely and reusable linen pouch.

Detailed information about candle components can be found under "Product Info" tab.