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Showcase Flores Scops Owl + No. 6 Flora & Fauna (Clean Greens) $38.00

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About the Flores Scops Owl

The Owl is a symbol of wisdom, intuition, prophecy and spiritual transition.

Critically Endangered

Number of individuals remaining: 250-2500

Current population trend: Unknown

Learn more about the Flores Scops Owl


About the Fragrance

*New Formula*

Fragrance's strength and profile can be found in thumbnail pictures.


About the Candle

Generous size of 11.0 ounces (311.8g)

Enjoy a burn time of approx. 60+ hours (Burn times may vary)

Ceramic container is approximately 3.5 in. diameter, 4 in. high

Wrapped in a lovely and reusable linen pouch.

You will also receive an animal information and candle care card with purchase.

Want to customize this candle with any fragrance? Go to home page, click "shop now" tab and choose Showcase CUSTOM CANDLE from product options.

Detailed information about candle components can be found under "Product Info" tab 👇🏻.